Vipassana 10 Day Course – Day 4

Starting to get into a groove, I even forgot that anyone was around me for a while. The guy behind me is quite sick and can’t breathe through his nose.  Poor bugger sounds terrible. The guy beside me is still suffering and the fidgeting on his mat has expanded to include, what I am assuming (my eyes are closed) os the breakdancing move the windmill.

The day is uneventful. Except I’m starting to feel love/compassion growing for all beings.

Vipassana 10 Day Course – Day 3

I’m very pleased I asked for the meditation chair. My back is much better now but I’m starting to hear how everyone else around me is suffering.  The lesson for today is a lot easier now that I’m not being crippled by sitting cross-legged with no support. 🙂

MUST LEARN how to ignore the people around me.


Vipassana 10 Day Course – Day 2

Well, once again 4 am came way too early. My back is still tender from yesterday and I’m not sure what today will bring. Immediately, as chanting/speaking ends to start the meditation I fall asleep crumpled somehow in a seated fetal position. Urg, I wake up myself up by snorting a breath in (I’m assuming the tilt of my head has blocked my respiration) I’m a little embarrassed,  but the teacher doesn’t open his eyes. Thank God for small miracles, who knows this might have happened already but, I wouldn’t know as I was asleep.

Now I notice that my back is protesting and no position I try allows me to stop the cramps in my back. I take a glance at my watch it’s only 5:13, 1 hour and 15 minutes to go till breakfast.  I have no idea how I am going to get through this, I soldier on and try to get back to the mental exercise I was given for the day.  The next thing I know the gong rings not sure if I was asleep or if the meditation was working.  Time will tell 😉

Breakfast then back at my mat.

At 11, I can no longer even attempt to sit on the Zafu and ask the assistant teacher if I can get a meditation chair to sit on.  BLISS!!!

Rest of the day is uneventful spasms are starting to subside. Yea!


As an example, the meditation chair pictured is from


Vipassana 10 Day Course – Day 1

Um…4am comes very early today. I sit on my zafu and confidently get ready for the start of the first meditation of the course which starts at 4:30 am. The assistant teacher gives us our first mental exercise and we are off to the races. I’m sitting crossed legged which, in the last 4 decades I’ve sat on the floor this way a grand total of never. ?

The exercise seems easy but my mind keeps wandering away from the task every minute or so. 30 seconds to a minute of work 5-20 minutes of my mind wandering. I’ve got a total of 13 hours of meditation today so I hunker down and keep bringing my mind back to the task as soon as I notice it’s gone.

My back is killing me and my legs have been asleep most of the day. I even somehow managed to fall asleep a few times. Yes…I’m sitting cross-legged on the floor and before you ask, no, i have no idea how i accomplished this feat. But at least it explains my sore back. Being crumpled over sitting on a zafu is not something I’m used to. But the mental exercise gets easier as the day progressed.

Vipassana 10 Day Course – Day 0 (travel day)

Well, you are probably wondering what the heck Vipassana is? I was too, (as we are driving to drop me off, eap) it’s a little like joining Masonry, you have no idea what you’re in for and not really sure why you are doing it. All you really know is there are some people who have gone through the process that you respect and because of this reason, trust that everything will be OK.