What’s your story?

It’s been interesting what I’ve learned about myself since I started publishing my thoughts about my journey.

In the last week many people have reached out to me, compelled to tell me stories about their journeys.

All but one were saying subtly “I had it harder than you and if I could make it through so can you, buck up soldier” this caused me to reflect if I was doing the same things, and yep, completely true of myself as well. So, what now?

Well for me, when someone tells me their story I’m going to say “that sounds terrible, I can’t imagine going through that”. This adheres to my second rule for life treat every disagreement like you would a 5-year-old. My response was kind, true, and exactly what I meant. Anything other than that and I’m not being genuine to myself and my inner 5-year-old.

Brothers check your obligations

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