Why I’m going to speak to everyone like they are a 5 year old and you should too

Those that know me well know that I love seeing a story from two or more perspectives. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead was my favorite movie growing up, with a close second Akira, of course, as one does.

I’ve been watching both the left and my right leaning personal circle and it appears to me that neither side is listening.

Mundays’ list for life (at least mine)

  • Explain your opinion on a hot topic issue like you would a 5 year old.
    • Be kind and don’t dramatise the issue
    • Stick to facts
    • Tell both sides
    • Explain that this is only your opinion and they should form their own
  • During a disagreement
    • Be kind
    • Understand that this disagreement can only be a misunderstanding
    • Explain it in the simplest terms
      • Takes the burden off of you
      • Makes you reach to articulate properly and focuses your thoughts
  • I really thought the list would be longer, maybe ill think of something else later.

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