But, you don’t seem, mentally ill?

But, you don’t seem mentally ill? This is an actual phrase that was said to me in lodge by a VW. Sir. who then commenced to say “hey so-in-so I’ve had dyslexia for my entire life, maybe I can get some free money” it was at this point I unceremoniously left the banquet.

These types of statements are why people kill themselves in hotel rooms. Mentally ill people are not supposed to exist outside of institutions as it offends society’s delicate sensibilities. I’ve had the same problem with my spouse actually and it’s because she cares for me that I’ve had this problem. She just wouldn’t let herself see me, it was too painful for her. So she did the only thing she could, try to fix me which triggered a forgotten problem I had. No one ever believed that my mother tortured me. So I did the only thing I could, try to manipulate her into caring for me. As a strong independent black woman, she sensed immediately and this made her steadfastly resolute.

How we both got out of this cycle I have no idea but I imagine it was Patricia.

Thanks beautiful

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