Vipassana 10 Day Course – Day 2

Well, once again 4 am came way too early. My back is still tender from yesterday and I’m not sure what today will bring. Immediately, as chanting/speaking ends to start the meditation I fall asleep crumpled somehow in a seated fetal position. Urg, I wake up myself up by snorting a breath in (I’m assuming the tilt of my head has blocked my respiration) I’m a little embarrassed,  but the teacher doesn’t open his eyes. Thank God for small miracles, who knows this might have happened already but, I wouldn’t know as I was asleep.

Now I notice that my back is protesting and no position I try allows me to stop the cramps in my back. I take a glance at my watch it’s only 5:13, 1 hour and 15 minutes to go till breakfast.  I have no idea how I am going to get through this, I soldier on and try to get back to the mental exercise I was given for the day.  The next thing I know the gong rings not sure if I was asleep or if the meditation was working.  Time will tell 😉

Breakfast then back at my mat.

At 11, I can no longer even attempt to sit on the Zafu and ask the assistant teacher if I can get a meditation chair to sit on.  BLISS!!!

Rest of the day is uneventful spasms are starting to subside. Yea!


As an example, the meditation chair pictured is from


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