What does being mentally ill feel like?

So as everyone can tell I’m working of speaking when I’m uncomfortable.

But I’ve never actually told everyone what mental health issues feel like.

It’s similar to walking down a steep hill. You start slow and quickly realize that to stay upright you need to walk faster but you keep speeding up just to stay upright. Until you are running so fast that you wonder how long you can keep from falling and you have no idea how you got here.

The complete loss of control and abject fear is palpable

Then your loving partner asks you to take out the trash or empty the dishwasher and you think, HOW, every bit of my energy is taken up with focusing on running down this hill and not tripping on my feet. How can I empty the dishwasher as well?

That’s what living with mental illness feels like. You are working as hard as you can just to survive and your wondering how the fuck it got so out of control.

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